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Here at Bible Baptist, we strive to make sure that everyone has something to be part of, something special to call their own. We have ministries for every age and stage of life.

Buses and vans run Sunday morning and Wednesday evening for anyone who would like a ride to church. We have special music and a choir during our Sunday morning and evening services. Dedicated workers staff our quality nurseries during each service for ages 3 and under. Our Sunday Schools are divided into small groups based on age for children and teens. For adults, Sunday Schools are divided into small groups based on the stage of life. There is a group for young adults, a marriage class, a ladies class, a family class, and a class for those age 50 and up. There is truly a Sunday School for everyone to be part of.

We have weekly programs focused on helping children and teens understand the Bible on their level. We not only have the Sunday Schools for all of our children, but also special church services on Sunday mornings. On Wednesday nights we have clubs for those 6th grade and under as well as a dedicated Teen club for 7th-12th graders. Adults meet in the auditorium for a time of unique Bible study and prayer.

During the week, Bible Baptist Church runs its largest ministry, Bible Baptist Christian Academy. BBCA is a K-4 through 12th grade Christian day school with a passion for God and a compassion for children. In the day and age in which we live, we believe that every child deserves a Bible foundation as well as a quality academic education. What makes BBCA unique is its focus on every student with an individualized self-paced curriculum. This means that, no matter what age a student enrolls in our academy, we can pinpoint an individualized curriculum for that child through a nationally recognized diagnostic testing process. For more information on our academy, please visit www.bbcalatrobe.com or call us at 724-539-8299 x103.